September 7, 2021

Inspiring Future Entrepreneurs: the role of business schools in creating future entrepreneurs

America’s first business school was set up in 1881 thanks to Philadelphia entrepreneur Joseph Wharton, who wrote a letter asking the University of Pennsylvania to create a school that would produce...


September 3, 2021

World University Rankings 2022

World University Rankings 2022 results have been announced! SBS Swiss Business School will be included in the 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings with “reporter” status. The Times Higher...


July 7, 2021

What role has higher education played in the advancement of the human race?

The advent of mass schooling played a pivotal role in societies of the later nineteenth century, transforming rural peasants into national citizens. The late-twentieth-century global expansion of higher education...


June 24, 2021

Can online university courses offer the same value as traditional teaching methods?

With the effects of covid-19, nearly all universities switched to an online model of teaching. With the impact of the pandemic still lingering- the content of this article is...


June 17, 2021

Is it time we paid closer attention to stress on students in secondary and higher education?

While the world makes strides in improving its productivity and output, there is a significant workforce requirement to improve each year. Naturally, policymakers focus on making sure that their...


June 9, 2021

Is Tech-based Job Redundancy As Bad As It Seems?

With the advent of the internet and supplementary wireless mobile technology (2g and onwards) a consistent theme of many jobs being outclassed and replaced has sustained. The latest research...


June 1, 2021

Ranked by AméricaEconomía for our MBA Program

We have been ranked again by AméricaEconomía Intelligence in this year’s new edition of their ranking of the Best Global MBA. Read more about the rankings here


May 14, 2021

CEO Rankings 2021

We are proud to announce we have been ranked by CEO for the following programs: – #3 Global Online MBA, #3 Global Executive MBA, Tier One Global MBA and...


April 23, 2021

SBS Has Been Ranked By Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021

We are so EXCITED and PROUD to announce that we are the only private institution ranked out of the 5 higher education institutions from Switzerland that have been ranked...

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