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Dr. Chiemela F. Anyanwu

Dr. Chiemela F. Anyanwu has a PhD from Central Luzon State University Philippines. Currently, he is a Professor of biological science at Ifugao State University Philippines. Prior to that, he had taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Science Research, Healthcare Education and Management, Medical Genetics, Microbiology, Health and Safety Risk Management. He has also worked as a Healthcare Consultant for the Institute of Research and Development, Ifugao State University, and at Institute of Graduate Studies, Adventist University of the Philippines as well as a Healthcare educator at Skandinaviska Bokforlaget Sweden and Norks Bokforlag Norway. His research interest includes; Health-care quality and risk management; health education and community-based healthcare promotion, food microbiology, effectiveness of health behavior/health promotion interventions, efficacy of public health nutrition interventions. Dr. Anyanwu has extensive experience on healthcare community outreach seminar/workshops in public health education and research