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Dr. Hemant Kumar

Dr. Kumar is from India. He is currently an Owner/Director of 7 Management Institutes and Business Schools. Dr. Kumar obtained his Master of Commerce from the University of Mumbai (India) and a Ph.D in Finance. He started his teaching career in the University of Mumbai, before moving to the UAE, 25 years ago. He has taught a range of finance and economic courses in UAE for over 14 years in the following Universities: Emirates College of Management & IT, UAE, University of Southern Queensland (Dubai Campus) and London School of Economics, UAE, at graduate and post-graduate levels. He has supervised various master level thesis and research projects and has designed and organized several academic workshops for the universities. At the same time he has also provided management consultancy for a period of 5 years. Dr. Kumar is involved in strategic planning of launching & managing US, UK, Indian and Australian Universities programs in UAE namely, Griggs University, USA, University of Atlanta, USA . Manav Bharti University, Chifley Business School, Australia and University of Wales TSD, UK & SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich. Dr. Hemant Kumar has about 12 years of experience in managing and owning educational institutions. He is the owner and the director of the following companies: Al Tareeqah Management Studies Ras Al Khaimah, UAE; Chifley Business School, Al Tareeq Al Saree Management Consultancy Sharjah, UAE; Global Institute of Management and Accountancy, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Al Tareeqah Management Studies, Bahrain. In the past 28 years of his contribution to the education industry, Dr. Hemant Kumar has understood how higher education could empower individuals and how it could be the key that would unlock the potential of our youth and help them build a stronger community and a progressive nation.