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With over 15 years’ experience in the UK higher education sector, I have significant expertise in learning, teaching techniques as well as mentoring and training. Both my consultancy and training experience has been focused within marketing and strategy, I have a strong track record of planning and delivering high quality academic and practical marketing and corporate strategy programs which are customer focused and relevant to UK and international audience. I am currently the Programme Director of our MSc in Consumer Behaviour as well as having a heavy involvement with undergraduate teaching and Learning. I have been involved in a University wide implementation of online Marking and Assessment at the University of Reading along side my position as Lecturer in Consumer Behaviour. I maintain a focus in developing and maintaining strong internal and external business relationship with ten years’ experience in mentoring and facilitating small business start-ups. I have experience of teaching in mainstream UK universities and a number of private institutions in the UK and internationally. My outstanding contribution to pedagogic development and teaching has been recognized and led to a number of awards for teaching excellence.