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Experienced CMO – using insight and data to ensure the customer is at the heart of everything they do. Marketing, Sales, and Strategy development and execution.

Mr. Martin is adventurous and entrepreneurial by nature, but when it comes to his work this is underpinned by solid commercial experience and academic achievement. He has a reputation as someone who gets things done, and who gets results.

His background includes a combination of consultancy and interim/permanent roles, the common ground being that I’m usually helping businesses by:

► Defining and executing their marketing strategy to deliver repeatable, sustainable success.
► Connecting them with the right customers at the right time to drive growth.
► Identifying opportunities to improve their operations, increasing efficiency and profitability.
► Identifying and responding to evolving buying patterns, cascading critical behaviours company-wide.

Whilst Marketing is at the heart of what Martin does, he has a much broader skill-set as he’s been fortunate to work in both SMEs and large corporate environments. This means although he’s able to take a “big picture” view of a business, he’s still good with the minutiae as well.

Over the years Martin has realized there are a handful of philosophies that consistently help him to achieve outstanding results:

► Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right.
► The best decisions usually stem from doing what’s right, not what’s easy.
► Understand what’s achievable and what isn’t, and recognise the difference.
► There is always a solution.

Martin is also someone who is happy to take-on challenges that would make other people run for the hills. He seems to have a knack for navigating around obstacles that have been blocking progress and find a way forward.