Pursuing a career in business today means preparing yourself for an ever-changing world, reaching into new markets, adopting new technologies and crossing the boundaries between traditional disciplines. Success in this environment depends, to a great extent, on your ability to be versatile, to communicate, to think globally and to be creative in applying business principles to new realities.

Your undergraduate business education is your launching pad into this dynamic world. And no matter what career path you choose–from finance, marketing, management or e-business – the lessons you absorb as an undergraduate will help shape your future. Our course has been designed to cater to the ever so changing professional landscape. Therefore, a student from our course will develop highly prized- in their capacity as a company executive or a business owner.

Our faculty hold decades of experience teaching in their respective fields. We aim to bestow upon our students their years of experience through precisely planned lessons that contain theories, models and expert accounts of relevant case studies. We are excited to invite you onto our course, held at our state of the art campus in Ras al Khaimah

Year 1
This introduces the study of essential business topics.
Students start to develop business and project skills along with the introduction of key theoretical frameworks. A grand total of 17 modules will be taught during the first year, including a module in English to prepare students for the level of communication expected in Higher Education. Our world-class programme also includes a business law module to make sure our students are proficient in navigating their way around legal frameworks.

Year 2
This introduces the study of advanced business topics.
The second year Builds upon the knowledge and frameworks introduced in year 1 with other introductory modules. An emphasis on research is integrated throughout this year to form a basis for the thesis required in the third year. Our students will be able to possess specialist knowledge about advanced business theories and frameworks.

Year 3
This year Builds upon the knowledge gained in Year 2 and prepares students for the thesis.
During the final year, students are introduced to very advanced theories and frameworks to prepare them to be the most efficient workers within a firm or their own company. Modules such as Negotiation skills and Strategic leadership will make sure that they are self-sufficient to tackle the harshest professional environments. Our students will also be required to produce a thesis to demonstrate that they have fully absorbed all the knowledge provided during their time here at Swiss Business school


BBA – International Management – Year 1

ENG 110 English
ACT 102 Accounting
MIS 102 Information Systems
MKT 103 Marketing
MGT 101 Management
MAT 100 Mathematical Tools for Business
FRL 100 Foreign Language
COV 100 Company Visits
MGT 105 Project Management
ENG 115 Commercial Correspondence
ECO 100 Economics
BUS 109 Law for Business Professionals
STA 110 Managerial Statistics
FIN 107 Principles of Finance
COM 100 Communication Skills
FRL 10 Foreign Language
COV 105 Company Visits

BBA – International Management – Year 2

ACT 200 Advanced Accounting
FIN 201 Venture Capital and Private Equity
MGT 209  Human Resource Management
MKT 230 Marketing
FIN 207 Money and Banking
FRL 205 Foreign Language
ITP 200 Internship
COV 200 Company Visits
ECO 210 International Economics
MIS 220 Information Systems
MGT 217 Strategic Sales Management
FIN 220 Principles of Finance
BUS 245 European Business
FRL 210 Foreign Language
COV 210 Company Visits

BBA – International Management – Year 3

FIN 310 International Finance
MKT 315 Strategic Marketing
MIS 320 Information Systems
MGT 310 Negotiation Skills
MGT 320 Total Quality Management
FRL 310 Foreign Language
ITP 200 Internship
FIN 320 Financial Planning and Budgeting
MGT 330 Strategic Leadership and Change
BUS 315 Business in a World Economy
MKT 330 Cases in Marketing
FIN 340 Cases in Finance
FRL 320 Foreign Language
THE 350 Thesis

We believe every businessman or professional must possess all the knowledge taught on our course here. Swiss Business School is an established school for decades with top rankings across all rewarding institutions. With the partnership with ATMS in the middle east, the MBA course is taught over Microsoft Teams in line with the pandemic’s restrictions. However, they will soon resume at our state of the art facilities. Our faculty are highly qualified and are also recognised names within their respective fields.

With our exceptional teaching and easy-to-understand curriculum, you will build a robust foundation for your own business, employment or further study.

Since 2012, the MBA programs of SBS Swiss Business School have been ranked as tier one MBA programs by the CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings. The Online MBA Program of SBS Swiss Business School has been ranked 2nd place in the 2016 CEO Magazine Global Online MBA Rankings.

The DBA program of SBS has been ranked 18th place by the European Economic Committee, Global DBA Rankings EURO 2016. SBS Swiss Business School was awarded as "Most innovative Business School in Switzerland" offering the "Best Remote Learning Programme in Europe by European CEO 2012, its MBA Program has been ranked 14th in Europe by CEO Magazine 2012 and the Online MBA has been listed in the Financial Times 2009 online MBA list.

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