SBS works closely with its industry partners and knowledge and skills in areas critical for business success. This ensures you graduate with the confidence to lead in an increasingly dynamic and competitive healthcare environment.

The Course has been designed to be completed in one year, taught by leading academics and experts to help you become the best in that industry.

Our Master of Science in Health Care Management Program uniquely combines business teaching with applied research. It equips you with skills and knowledge for a management career in the global health care sector.

We strongly believe in a work-applied learning approach for this educational program. Knowledge and skills learned should be applied at the workplace.

During the year, you will be introduced to several theories and concepts related to healthcare. Complementing the theories will be in-depth case studies of the health system, management and marketing and the necessary methods to reduce inefficiency within the sector.

There will also be the introduction of the international health law. A module we believe will make you proficient in navigating through legal jargon. This module is often not provided on many programs, but we believe it helps our graduate stand out in the sea of competition.

We also provide a module in Project and change management- a class within which you will learn to manage projects, time and change. Within the healthcare sector, knowledge of this is paramount as you will face many urgent project deadlines.

To conclude, we understand that this sector is a highly competitive one. Hence, we will provide you with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the highly intricate industry of healthcare.

MMM598 HC Marketing
MOB502 Sustainable Leadership & Organizations
FIN534 Financial Management for Hospitals
MOP552 Health Service Operations Management
ECO541 Health Economics
MSN501 Strategic Management in HCO
MHR535 Human Resource Management in HCO
MIS542 Informatics in Health Care
MBL566 International Health Law
MPP544 Project and Change Management
MGT598 Management of Care Processes
MQQ553 Quality & Risk Management
THE700 Research Methods
THE755 Individual Thesis Project

We believe every businessman or professional must possess all the knowledge taught on our course here. Swiss Business School is an established school for decades with top rankings across all rewarding institutions. With the partnership with ATMS in the middle east, the MSc. in Healthcare Management course is taught over Microsoft Teams in line with the pandemic’s restrictions. However, they will soon resume at our state of the art facilities. Our faculty are highly qualified and are also recognised names within their respective fields.

With our exceptional teaching and easy-to-understand curriculum, you will build a robust foundation for your own business, employment or further study.

Since 2012, the MBA programs of SBS Swiss Business School have been ranked as tier one MBA programs by the CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings. The Online MBA Program of SBS Swiss Business School has been ranked 2nd place in the 2016 CEO Magazine Global Online MBA Rankings.

The DBA program of SBS has been ranked 18th place by the European Economic Committee, Global DBA Rankings EURO 2016. SBS Swiss Business School was awarded as "Most innovative Business School in Switzerland" offering the "Best Remote Learning Programme in Europe by European CEO 2012, its MBA Program has been ranked 14th in Europe by CEO Magazine 2012 and the Online MBA has been listed in the Financial Times 2009 online MBA list.

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