Guaranteed Internships for All Students


The internship is essential for applying business knowledge in real-world situations, helping students understand professional culture, reporting systems, and task-oriented achievements. It enhances interpersonal communications, professional behavior, and client interactions. This course, offered at SBS Swiss Business School’s Branch Campus in RAK, connects students with industry professionals, expanding their networking opportunities. The corporate office at SBS assists in internship placements and allows external supervisors to evaluate student learning outcomes. Internships provide students with exposure to professional work environments and self-learning opportunities, aiding in skill and competency development. For the institution, internships serve as third-party endorsements of educational quality and a feedback mechanism to update curricula and enrich programs.

Purpose Of Internship

  • To enable student gain experience of the organizational culture and practices
  • To help them demonstrate their knowledge in real time work environment.
  • Enable them realize and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses about civic engagement and ethical behaviour in the work environment.
  • To enable them demonstrate autonomy in their learning environment.

Internship Program

SBS Swiss Business School, Branch Campus, RAK, offers online internships with UK companies for students. The internship program provides students with an opportunity to experience the professional culture and practices of UK-based organizations. Students gain real-time work experience remotely, enhancing their understanding of the global business environment. The program is designed to help students demonstrate their knowledge in a virtual work setting. Students can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses through this practical learning experience. The online internships span eight weeks, requiring students to complete 300 hours of work. The program is equivalent to three academic credits. The Corporate Affairs Office at SBS RAK assists students in securing online internship placements. Students must submit an Internship Report upon completion of their internship. Responsibilities include adhering to company policies and maintaining professional behavior online. The final report should detail the tasks performed, learning outcomes, and personal reflections. External supervisors from UK companies provide guidance and monitor student progress. Internal supervisors at SBS RAK offer support and evaluate the final report. Students need to submit a detailed report of their internship experience, highlighting key achievements and challenges. The final report format includes an abstract, introduction, detailed work description, analysis, and recommendations. Online internships offer a flexible and scalable way for students to engage with international business environments. The program helps students build a professional network with UK-based industry professionals. Internship evaluations consider both internal and external supervisors’ feedback. The online format ensures students can complete their internships despite geographical constraints. This initiative aligns with SBS RAK’s commitment to providing global exposure and practical learning opportunities to its students.

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