We are committed to producing research that changes lives. Therefore, among all our courses, we have a strong focus on making our students value research and, over time, create their own to add to our journals.

The research represents the cornerstone of the university institution. It has the ability to provide individuals and the general populous with the tools required to better society and the human race as a whole. With the rigorous academic standards, we are sure that our contributions to management research will result in practices throughout the Middle East.

Our current students are also welcome to come and seek inspiration from our database so it can be indicative of the standard that is expected of them.

With the partnership with ATMS in the middle east, we will be showcasing all the quality research our students produce here in this part of the world.

Research Spotlight

All programs at SBS Swiss Business School Branch Campus, Rak require a commitment to ethical research in order to achieve excellence regionally and internationally.

Both undergraduate and graduate students are motivated to become highly involved in research and individual study projects. Our research program fosters, encourages, sustains and supports the students to perform research in their major field of study. Exceptional training programs and lectures are conducted to raise their awareness and skill levels relating to their research process.

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