DBA or PhD: Which program to choose for your career growth

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) are doctoral degrees which are about conducting research & understanding advanced concepts. The difference between both the degrees are mentioned briefly below:

1. DBA, a professional doctorate, focuses on reasoning, studying and solving real-world organizational or business problems and conducting research using original or secondary data to explore, examine and address those problems. The main point of difference is that the project findings help them in practical application in any business environment.

2. PhD, an academic doctorate, involves developing theories, finding and addressing gaps in those theories or a general body of knowledge. The main point of difference for Phd from DBA is that the candidate selects a project that would add theoretical value to the academic environment.

Let’s take a look at the major differences between both the programs to understand them better and to arrive at meaningful conclusions:

1. Core purpose of the program

DBA: It is a business-oriented professional doctorate designed for professionals experienced in business field like entrepreneurs, senior managers & consultants to pursue and refine their practical and innovative business management knowledge. This helps them apply this knowledge in their workplace as well. At SBS Swiss Business School, our DBA program can be completed in a span of two and a half years.

PhD: It is the highest postgraduate qualification which provides the candidate a specialised and research-based background regarding a particular area of knowledge. It involves conducting research with primary data and takes 4 years to complete the program.

2. Program structure

DBA program is designed to fit the busy schedule of business people, the curriculum has been curated and designed in such a way that the candidates can opt for part time learning/tutoring. They have a set curriculum with topics covering business management along with their coursework which must be completed within the specified time period.

The curriculum would be updated with advancements in the subject(s). In the initial

stage, candidates are taught about various business management topics and their advanced topics to prepare them for research and equip them with analytical skills.

When it comes to PhD, candidates are mostly required to be physically present at the campus throughout the program. And they do not have a set curriculum but they do have a standard set of rules and processes to be followed.

3. Career outcome

It is generally noted that DBA graduates earn more than PhD graduates as they are trained and equipped to professionally apply their knowledge and skills immediately in managing a business. Whereas, PhD graduates are specialised with applied research skills and the ability to theorise, understand and develop concepts.

DBA graduates can easily apply for leadership roles and PhD graduates can look for job opportunities in research or academic sectors. Though both the sectors are equally in demand, leadership roles carry much more importance as it affects the overall output & efficiency of both the team and organization as a whole.

When it comes to choosing between a PhD and DBA program for an individual who has been in the business industry for long, we suggest you take up our DBA program. Designed specially for entrepreneurs, managers and senior level executives to further their studies in the world of business, this program comes with a multitude of benefits and advantages starting from flexible schedule to taking up the program as a part-time course.

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