How to Stay Productive During Quarantine: 3 Rules to Achieve Productivity

Quarantine surely did change a lot of people and their habits, routine and schedules. Everything has changed to digital platforms now – starting from online classes to work, grocery delivery, music concerts, appointments and much more, the internet is packed with everyone & everything! Handles on social media platforms are definitely playing a major part in spreading positivity and imparting knowledge. But instead of scrolling day & night through your feed, why not take some time off to try something new or do things that you’ve been wanting to do?

“Don’t see the lockdown period & quarantine as a vacation! It’s time for you to learn & do something!” We’ve heard this more than enough and don’t need reminders for the same. There’s no pressure to do it too! If you have plenty of free time & are willing to take up new things in life, here you go: starting from online courses on academics, self help and extracurricular activities, to cooking, starting a new venture, embroidery, origami, sketching & doodling, photography, musical instrument, blogging & vlogging, tutoring and so much more, you’ve a load of options to choose from! All you need is patience, a lil bit of resources, research and an open mind to take in all the knowledge – simple as it sounds.

Now, with so much time in our hands and very few things to do, the chances for us to become lazy and procrastinate is very high! So how can we successfully start doing productive things during quarantine?

Take a look:

1. Remind yourself about your mental & physical health

The impact of laziness and procrastination is known to every human being – how it can deteriorate one’s focus, determination and overall health! Remind yourself to keep moving & achieving things while also taking much needed breaks to relax and unwind. Because at the end of the day, no one wishes to have all their efforts go in vain, hurt their mental health & be physically ill.

2. Set aside a place for work

All of us have got their own favourite spot at home or where they stay. And you know exactly how much focused, free and clear your mind can be when you’re there! Why not turn that place
as your workstation or a spot to get things done? Else, choose a place at home which is free from all kinds of disturbances, noise & helps you focus. Then decide or make a plan regarding your working hours and take breaks to clutter your mind from all thoughts!

3. The bigger picture – work on your returns

The world is battling against a virus and all we are asked to do is stay at home. Why not take up new activities, challenges or lessons that would give you a momentum & a boost in your career?
Add new skills to your resume, learn a new language, take up new projects or start exploring a totally different vertical! Check your creativity level & indulge in activities to boost the same; read books on leadership, management & entrepreneurship; conduct research & study about your customers & current market; figure out a plan for your dream business – contemplate, strategise and put your thoughts into action!

This phase definitely leaves scars & lessons that are unforgettable. But together let’s fight and figure our way out! Amidst all these, don’t forget to connect with your family, friends & colleagues. Stay home, stay safe and take care of your health – it will be over soon!

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