SBS Swiss Business School in Kloten is Institutionally Accredited

The Swiss Accreditation Council awards the Seal of Quality!

SBS Swiss Business School in Kloten is institutionally accredited.

Kloten, November 24, 2021 – SBS Swiss Business School in Kloten has received institutional accreditation in accordance with the Higher Education Act (HEdA).

The Swiss Accreditation Council has accredited SBS as a University of Applied Sciences Institute after a comprehensive quality assessment process conducted by the Agency for Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AAQ).

The institutional accreditation was granted on the recommendation of a national and international group of experts. Among other things, the expert group concluded that SBS is «student-centered» and the degree programs are «very practical-oriented». The international faculty and students also create an academic learning environment that is highly valued by students.

Dr. Carl Olsen, the President of the Supervisory Board, is pleased with this result: « I am delighted with this result and believe our practical-oriented education is making a difference in the Swiss education market. We sincerely thank all our stakeholders very much, who have contributed to this outcome!»

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