Stepping into the world of business with BBA

Dreaming of leading a team? Managing a firm or an organization? Your aspiration of making it big in the business world can come true with a strong foundation in this industry, your hunger to learn more, and your passion to succeed. Well, how can one build a strong foundation to start off fresh?

Pursuing a BBA degree (Bachelor of Business Administration), a 3-year program designed to equip freshers with skills and knowledge relating to business operations, including and not limited to – finance, human resources, marketing, sales, administration, accounting, and entrepreneurship. With this program students are exposed to the functioning of a business and its related terminologies and processes, which thereby helps them in making informed decisions. And it doesn’t end there!

Students are given the opportunity to select from a list of specializations they can opt for during their 3-year BBA program which enlightens them about the specific functions of the business world..

  1. To face the competitive business world

Studying your BBA program at SBS Business School gives you an umpteen number of benefits and students are trained and guided by experts from all around the globe. They are given a unique learning environment with internships, LIVE case studies to solve, and multiple company visits to understand the functioning and dynamic nature of business.

  1. For growing & excelling in the industry

BBA courses are designed to introduce students to the business world and thereafter, understand the various aspects of the industry gradually. And to support the above objective, we have curated a syllabus for our students to get an immense industrial advantage, to focus on a particular industry/niche and excel in it.

  1. Prior hands-on experience

The syllabus and curriculum for our BBA students revolve around industry learning. With the numerous opportunities offered to them such as internships, research projects, case studies and company visits, it is comparatively easier for students to grasp and understand the processes and intricacies of management.

  1. Better opportunities

Post the 3-year BBA degree, one is prepared to take on real-time jobs. The exposure and experience they have gained in that time period is sufficient for them to meet the expectations of KRA’s assigned to them. At SBS Swiss Business School, we ensure that all our students are given opportunities to showcase their talents and prove their abilities through our placements.

  1. Golden ticket to pursue a Masters degree in business

What next after BBA?

One can always pursue a higher degree post BBA to learn in detail about management and the ever-changing business world. Completing an MBA degree, after BBA, also gives you a chance to go up the ladder in terms of job opportunities i.e., seek for job opportunities in managerial positions or become an entrepreneur.

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