What role has higher education played in the advancement of the human race?

The advent of mass schooling played a pivotal role in societies of the later nineteenth century, transforming rural peasants into national citizens. The late-twentieth-century global expansion of higher education ushered in new transformations, propelling societal rationalization and organizing, and knitting the world into a more integrated society and economy. (Schofer, E., Ramirez, F.O. and Meyer, J.W., 2021).

Higher education has expanded enormously during the past century in every part of the world (Douglass, King, and Feller 2009; Schofer and Meyer 2005). To focus on more benefits to society, I believe the following is also essential to consider:

  • Higher education sustains the modern professions and contributes to the rationalization of society and the state.
  • The supranational and universalistic orientation of higher education provides elites with shared global cultural frames and identities, facilitating globalization.
  • Consequently, tertiary education provides a foundation for major global movements and sociopolitical change around diverse issues, such as human rights and environmental protection.
  • Higher education contributes to the reorganization of the economy, creating new monetarized activities and facilitating the reconceptualization of activities distant from material production as economic.

Hence, higher education has become a core institution in society and a basis for global interaction. All over the world, having a university degree has become the standard for accessing prestigious and high paying jobs.

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